How To Use Roxycodone?

Use the medication as prescribed by your doctor. for exact dosing instructions, check the label on the medicine.

  • Consume Roxycodone with mouth
  • Take Roxycodone without food. If it upsets your stomach, take it with food
  • If you have been using the medication for a couple of weeks, do not suddenly drop the usage. Rather do it gradually to lower the risk of side effects. To drop it safely, ask your doctor to provide you with a plan.
  • Take the tablet as a whole. Do not crush/break it for snorting. Doing so may result in a sudden death
  • If you miss a dose of Roxycodone, take ASAP. However, if the time for next dose nearing, then skip the missed one to avoid overdosing.

Do Not Use Roxicodone If

  • You are allergic to any of its ingredients
  • You are on nalbuphine, butorphanol, buprenorphine, or pentazocine
  • You have a stomach or bowl blockage
  • If you have asthma or other breathing problems, etc.

Roxycodone Buying Instructions

Roxycodone is a prescription drug and cannot be bought from physical drug stores without a prescription. If you are looking to buy it without prescription, buy Roxycodone online. The drug is mainly available in 30mg and you can buy Roxycodone 30mg online from various online pharmacies.